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Helping you heal! 

The journey to a positive healthy life can be wrought with negative experiences, life changing events and confusing decisions.  Through it all we can look outside of ourselves for guidance, support, comfort and love. The Butterfly Lotus Company brings to you love, compassion, understanding and guidance through our various products and services to help you look to yourself to guide you through your own healing journey.

Melissa Krechler

Welcome to my vision for the future.  A future where we all feel loved, confident and free from judgment.  In this space we can face, process and heal our negative experiences so that we may flourish into confident, loving and powerful individuals who love every aspect of our lives!

Please note that we do not force our beliefs, Spiritual or other, onto anyone.  This space and all others that we manage are judgement free.


The mission behind The Butterfly Lotus Company is to give our clients the tools, techniques, practices and mindset to go through the negativity in their lives to create the most beautiful positivity.


At The Butterfly Lotus Company we believe that changing the world one person at a time is the key to a global awakening of acceptance, love and postivity.

About The Butterfly Lotus Company

The Butterfly Lotus Company was created because of the harsh experiences both the Butterfly and the Lotus have to go through to become the beautiful symbols we love and idolize.    Like them, each of us have our own journeys we must walk in order to become the loving, successful, beautiful people we dream we can be.  If this sounds like you, welcome and I send you so much love and acceptance.

Spiritual Services

Card Readings

At The Butterfly Lotus Company we have various Psychic Intuitive Card Readings available to you through email, messenger or video chat. Our readings assist you in receiving not the guidance you may want but the guidance you need from your Spiritual Dream Team to heal and move forward in your current situaton.

Spiritual Teaching

Spiritual Courses 

Various Courses to help you on your own Spiritual Journey.  Whether you want to learn some basic Chakra, Crystal, Meditation or Healing work or you want to start to awaken and grow your own Spiritual Gifts and Abilities.  At the Butterfly Lotus Company we offer a judgment free zone filled with love and healing so that you can truly embrace your identity!


Healing Crystal Jewelry

Our Healing Crystal Jewelry pieces are made with love, attention and of course intuitive spiritual connection. Each piece whether it be a necklace, bracelet, anklet or Mala are tailored to the energy of their destined owner. While most of our pieces are already custom made with our vision in mind we do sometimes offer client customization options.


Heat Therapy Bags

The Heat Therapy Bags made at The Butterfly Lotus Company are made with maximum healing and comfort in mind. Our bags are made with the softest cotton and filled with the beautiful yet mild scent of jasmine rice. Whether the bags are used for heat therapy or cold the impact they will have on your physical body is divine.

Please note that these bags will cost more to ship due to their weight.  At this time unless expressely asked, there is no shipping on this item and they are pick up only in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Identity Coaching

The Butterfly Lotus Company is focused on providing as many avenues for healing as possible to our clients. This includes various pieces of free content, a blog as well as private one on one coaching and group coaching programs. The blog, free content, private and group coaching can be found at our sister website linked below.

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Download the Introduction To Spiritual Gifts & Abilities

Having or had your Spiritual Awakening and don’t know where to go next or feel confident in your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities? 

Here is your Download! https://bit.ly/3Eyo4D6