Heal Your Lotus

A 5 week program for spiritual women who are

→ struggling with their identity

→ afraid of stepping into their power

→ yearning to heal their mind, body and spirit

→ wants to claim unconditional self-love and confidence for themselves!


I can’t, I won’t, I don’t, I’m not. These are the things you hear every time you feel the power flow through your veins and it stops you in your tracks from achieving your full potential even though it’s right there!

 You have worked your ass off to be the woman you are today but something is still missing. The power, confidence and ease you see so many others living is something you’ve only been able to dream about!

 You do all the things you know you should be doing and yet still you aren’t living the life you know you are meant to be living. You are happy and content but you know that special dream that is just for you it just outside your reach!

I've already tried to do it all?

Okay, yeah so you’ve done all the things you’ve been told to do by each Tom Dick and Harry mentor you have ever had and while each one has taught you something valuable and something that has actually made a difference you still aren’t living the life you know you are meant to be living! That is frustrating as all hell and really puts a dent in your hard earned healing and growth.

I’m not going to tell you that it was all a waste of time and there is definitely something wrong with you the way you are hoping I will because it’s not true and I won’t give into your ego that wants to keep you small.

There is nothing wrong with you and you are exactly where you are meant to be! Read that out loud again but instead of you put I because that is a lesson you need to learn now!

You are amazing, strong, capable and powerful in your own right, you just haven’t put all the steps together to create the healing that you truly need!

Which is why I created Heal The Lotus!

I am not the Coach that takes you from rock bottom and builds you back up again! I am the Coach that takes you through the last few steps you need to create the true healing and change you need to do to take you to the end goal!

This program takes you through the four steps that are going to help you create an unbreakable bond with your self-love, your healing, your growth, your love, your confidence and most importantly you inner most goddess given power and right to be exactly who you are!

You are not alone in feeling crazy, lost, broken and wrong for not being where you want to be after all the work.

It’s just time for you to heal your mind, body and spirit, awaken your true identity and put all the pieces together so that you can access the epicenter of power you hold so that you can put it all in place.

Heal, unlock and claim the woman you have always been and forever will be and live the dream only you can create!

Let’s get you back to loving the shit outta yourself, bust apart those negative beliefs and emotions and create crystal clear clarity on your purpose so that you can step into and own your potential with confidence!

This Program Is For The Woman Who:

Is struggling to remove the fear, doubt and negativity she believes is stopping her from loving herself unconditionally!

Has thought of giving up so many times but knows that her destiny is to be so much more!

Wants to free herself from the limitations put on her from the beliefs, thoughts and opinions of her friends and family!

Is done doing all the things that are just keeping her running around in circles and not actually bringing her the future she truly desires!

Wants to finally feel like she’s living her passion, her purpose and fully in her power like never before!

Is ready to awaken, claim and embody every aspect of her truest calling so she can finally see the results of all her hard work!

Has done the work of the world and is ready to embrace the rest of her life!

A Little About Me

I am The Morticia of Mindset, The Negative Mindset Coach and the only one of my kind!

When I first started coaching almost 3 years ago I was all about helping others remove their negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs!

Shortly after I started my business I was ridiculed, shamed and laughed at because of the negative topics I was so passionately talking about!  Around this same time the wave hit for the be positive, think positive, only allow positivity in you life movement!  I was the odd ball talking about negative beliefs, emotions and experiences as if it was the most normal thing in the world but it threatened this movement and so I was shunned.

I was lost, confused and changing my own life and beliefs like the rinse and repeat cycle because I was still hurting from the situations I faced owning my power.  Never again which is why I want to help other spiritual women who are afraid to be themselves, to own their genius and step into their potential!

Week 1 – Identity

Learn how to go beyond the titles, roles and responsibilities so that you can understand and reclaim the essence of your true identity at it’s core!

Week 2 – Healing

Learn how to face and heal the negative beliefs, emotions and thoughts so that you can free yourself from the I can’ts, I won’ts, I’m nots!

Week 3 – Self-Love

Learn how to awaken the love and confidence you have inside you so that you can embrace unconditional love for yourself and others!

Week 4 – Power

Learn all about your own epicenter of power, where it resides, how it manifests and how to access it so that you can connect to it on command.

Week 5 – Faith

Learn the tools and techniques that will keep your identity, power, confidence, and self-love healthy and strong in the face of any obstacle!

Weekly training

2 Group Coaching calls via Zoom

Private Facebook Group with 5 weeks access to me and Lifetime access to the program included!

Registration closes Sunday May 31, 2020 at 11:59pm CT.

Program starts Wednesday June 3, 2020!


  • 1 Private Coaching Session
  • 1 Chakra Bracelet
  • 1 Chakra Reading
  • 1 Customized Chakra Healing Guide

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2 Bi-Weekly

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4 Weekly

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If you want to feel whole, connected, powerful, confident and in control of every aspect of your life then this is the program for you!