Communication Mastermind

You still feel the love, the trust, the stability but your relationship has become more like roommates with responsibilities and the occasional romp! Turn it all around in this 3 Day Mastermind and start to enjoy the communication and connection you used to have!


You feel so unmotivated to even try to spend some quality time with your partner anymore and you just want to feel validated and appreciated.


Whenever you attempt to speak with your partner about your day, your fears, your hopes and dreams it ends up revolving around your responsibilities, their issues or what’s going on with them.


No matter how many times you ask for help or for things to change it never does and you keep fighting over and over again about the same things and you feel like it’s all on you!

The Communication Mastermind $50

3 Live Strategy Trainings with Q & A happening Monday, Wedesday and Friday at 1pm CT

All trainings will be recorded and emailed to you upon completion.

Day One

Understanding the reasons behind the breakdown of communication and connection and the warning signs to watch out for.

Day Two

What is healthy communication and connection and how important is it in your long term and every day relationships.

Day Three

How to create healthy communication, compromise and connection even when it seems like you are the only one trying.

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Don’t you think it’s about time the communication in your relationship got an overhaul?!